About us

Dear customer,

First of all, HAMANEX VIETNAM HANDICRAFTS CO., LTD sincerely grateful to customers for supporting our products during the past time.

We are specialized in manufacturing and supplying the following products: Men's hats, Women's hats, Children's hats, Cowboy hats, Hats, Hanging, Wine Baskets, Handbags, Wallets, etc. Since its inception, HAMANEX VIETNAM HANDICRAFTS CO., LTD has been continuously improving the quality of products and creating beautiful designs. Satisfy the needs of customers.

With the criteria of customer service: "PRESTIGE - QUALITY - PROFESSIONAL - PRICING PRICE". We believe that customers will be satisfied when cooperating with our company. HAMANEX VIETNAM HANDICRAFTS CO., LTD always satisfy the needs of customers:

- Product quality standards (origin of products, materials of products, ...)

- Variety of models, species diversity, ...

- Quality professional consultancy services are experienced, ready to answer any questions to help customers choose quality products.

With a team of dynamic, enthusiastic and experienced staffs in the field of Consulting - Sales, HAMANEX VIETNAM HANDICRAFTS CO., LTD is dedicated to serve all customers with flexibility in the way. sales and delivery of goods we have satisfied even the most "hard" customers. HAMANEX VIETNAM HANDICRAFTS CO., LTD always want to become the most trusted friend, always accompany the sustainable development of customers.

When cooperating with HAMANEX VIETNAM HANDICRAFTS CO., LTD, we will commit to give you peace of mind about product quality, competitive price, dedicated service, works quickly.